Productivity Innovation Credit PIC Cash Payout

Productivity Innovation Credit PIC Cash Payout

Eligible businesses can apply to convert up to $100,000 of their total expenditure in all the six qualifying activities into a non-taxable cash payout.

The cash payout option is to support small and growing businesses which may be cash-constrained to innovate and improve productivity.

The maximum cash payout is calculated as follows:

Year of Assessment (YA)Expenditure Cap for All Qualifying ActivitiesConversion RateMaximum Cash Payout

2011 and 2012



(30% x $200,000)

2013 to 2015
(Cap cannot be combined)

$100,000 per YA


$60,000 per YA
(60% x $100,000)


Conditions for cash payout

Businesses eligible to apply for the cash payout are sole-proprietorships, partnerships, companies (including registered business trusts) that have:

  • incurred qualifying expenditure and are entitled to PIC during the basis period for the qualifying YA;
  • active business operations in Singapore; and
  • at least 3 local employees (Singapore citizens or Singapore permanent residents with CPF contributions) excluding sole-proprietors, partners under contract for service and shareholders who are directors of the company.

A business is considered to have met the 3-local-employees condition if it contributes CPF on the payroll of at least 3 local employees in the relevant month.


What to note when applying for cash payout

  • Once the qualifying expenditure is converted to cash, it cannot be claimed as tax deduction/allowances.
  • Election to convert qualifying expenditure to cash is irrevocable.
  • The minimum qualifying expenditure for each application is $400.
  • Qualifying expenditure to be converted to cash is the amount net of grant or subsidy by the Government or any statutory board, and includes grant or subsidy pending approval.

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