Why Businesses in Singapore Choose Office 365?

Reasons Why Businesses in Singapore Choose Office 365?

In Singapore, many business are moving away from the traditional POP3 email server, which is either physically hosted on-premises or hosted at a third party email service provider. More and more businesses are coming on board to Office 365.

Perhaps you are still deciding if you want to go on with the new cloud-based Office 365 but somehow not so convinced that this is the best solution for your company. These are what some videos on businesses owners on what they say about Office 365.

Maybe from this point you will have a clearer picture and will be more convinced that Office 365 is the most suitable suite for your business.

Let’s watch the videos below:




Jessica Tan (Managing Director of Microsoft, Singapore) explains the benefits.

  1. Benefits out-of-office staffs on the move
  2. Anytime, anywhere and any device
  3. Higher Productivity, faster
  4. Pay only what you use
  5. Managed system by Microsoft




Rohan Kamis  (Managing Director of Rohan Kamis & Partners) reiterates how Office 365 had saved his business and was grateful to the service provider.

He explains how his in-house hosted email server crashed and was unable to recover. He was then introduced to Office 365 and within an hour, email service resumed. He was relieved and thankful to Microsoft.



Shahaizan  (IT Executive of Koon Construction and Transport) recommends Office 365 based on the following benefits:

  1. Team collaboration portal
  2. Enhanced communication
  3. Integrated All in One Microsoft Office suite
  4. Cost savings
  5. Managed software service by Microsoft


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