Microsoft Office 365 Infographics

Office 365 Infographics

Office 365 is a productivity tool which offers businesses well-known programs like MS Office, Lync, Sharepoint or Exchange.

They are located in the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere – secure access to email and calendars, Office Web Apps, instant messaging, conferencing and file sharing.

This infographic shows the main features of Office 365 used in education, small medium business and enterprises.

Office 365 Key Advantage

  1. You consolidate the resources you required. All software licenses are consolidated using a single management portal system which eases management and resource planning.
  2. You pay only for the service that you use. CAPEX converted to OPEX for optimal business financial planning
  3. You can work from anywhere. Ideal for mobile users.
  4. You can work more efficiently without having to worry technicalities.
  5. You manage your IT resources better. Maintenance issues are transferred outward.

Office 365 Key Features

  • Can access from anywhere
    • Up to 5 devices a user can use to connect to his / her office document online


  •  Email enabled
    • Send and receive email
    • Huge 25 Gb mail box and able to send up to 25 Mb file attachments
    • Contact management
    • Work together with your standard office documents
    • Anti-virus and Anti Spam protection Included
    • Password Protected enabled for Team Sites Collaborative Working
    • Meeting EU Data Privacy Standards


  • Calendaring, plan and make appointments on the move
    • Send invites and monitor tasks on the move


  • Run Microsoft Office suite from the cloud directly
    • No need of local software installation
    • Licensing are consolidated and made easy through online portal


  • 24/7 Microsoft Support and Helpdesk
    • System assurance and full support by Microsoft


  • Available in 21 Languages world wide


  • Backup enabled
    • Worry free technology
    • Don’t have to worry about system and data backup


What is Office 365?

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