Top 15 Reasons for Using Office 365

Top 15 Reasons to use Office 365

  1. Full Compatibility to Mobile Devices – Office 365 supports nearly all devices.  PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows Mobile 7 phones, Android phones, Nokia phones and Blackberrys are all supported.  It also very easy to configure any of these devices.
  2. Complete Suite to Office Productivity –  It incorporates email services, team collaboration portal, and instant messaging all in a single and simple-to-use platform.
  3. Simple to use – Microsoft takes it out of the complexity from today technologies. You will not need to spend time going for lessons and be educated about the services.
  4. Pay as you use – It doesn’t require high start up costs and the operation recurring costs are predictable and constant. It does not have any known limit to potential business growth.  Whether you are 5-man company or 5000 strong company, Office 365 can handle it with ease.
  5. Scalable – It eliminates the need to worry about old server and tedious migration to newer servers. This will free up your time to focusing on managing and growing your business.
  6. Reliable and Robust – It has a guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement.  Microsoft at all costs take great effort to make sure their systems are reliable.  Microsoft is backing up their commitment to reliability by providing a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  7. Mail and document backups – No need to worry to backup email in case of accidental loss of email. Litigation Hold of email and documents is a valuable option against disgruntled employees deliberately sabotaging or deleting valuable emails or evidence after their service in the company.
  8. Easy Access – User can access email, calendar, contacts and collaboration tools anytime, from anywhere in the world and in many devices.
  9. Peace of mind – It allows small and medium business owners to use latest and fastest technologies without the need to worry about costs and implementation hassle.  They can realign their focus and concentrate on their core business’s key performance areas. On top of that, you will not need to worry about backup and security.
  10. Tools and Features – Full team featured applications including shared inboxes, shared calendars, resource scheduling, archiving, email retention policies, and much more are built into the suite service.
  11. Working Closely with your Customers and Suppliers –  Now with SharePoint Online in Office 365, you can share files, tasks, and other information securely and quickly with one or more of your working partners. With access ease and encrypted security, this feature beats the tradition FTP service.
  12. Working with your Service Support Partner – You can always delegate user management tasks to your Service Support Provider / Partner.  This allows you to share your administrative workload with them. They need not come down to your premises, all administration can be done online. It is efficient with less time spent and less cost to you.
  13. Flexible Plans – Different user can have different user plan in Office 365, be it as in security level or administrative level. It caters to different needs and demands of different users.
  14. Being Green and Eco Friendly save you money No server hardware upkeep, no equipment costs, overall lower management costs, manpower costs and support costs.
  15. Readiness for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning – As a cloud service, Office 365 is not dependent on single location or single point of failure. It also have built-in geographical-redundancy where the servers are built and located in multiple data centers regionally and worldwide inter-continental, not one-site located.



Office Desktop Applications

  • Latest Version of Office Suite as a subscription
  • Per-User Licensing across 5 PC/Mac and 5 Mobile Devices
  • Roaming Documents, applications, and settings
  • Office On Demand to stream the full Office to a PC

Exchange Online

  • Hosted Business-Class Email and Shared Calendar
  • 50Gb of Storage Space Per User
  • Use your own domain name to send emails
  • Premium and Proven Anti-spam and Anti-Malware Protection

Sharepoint Online

  • Document sharing and management in the cloud
  • Internal and External sites for working together on projects
  • Online and Offline access to your documents
  • Build your company public website with easy-to-use templates

Lync Online

  • Multi-party HD Video Conferencing
  • Real-Time note taking and document sharing
  • Instant Messaging and Presence across Firewalls
  • Skype Federation with Presence,IM and Voice


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