Garner Report – Microsoft Dominates Cloud Email in Large Public Companies but Shares the Rest With Google

12 Jan 2016

Key Findings

  • The cloud office market is still in an early stage of adoption with 13% of identified publicly listed companies using one of the two main cloud email vendors. The rest have on-premises, hybrid, hosted or private cloud email deployments.
  • Cloud email services from Google and Microsoft are in use by more than 25% of public companies in some countries and industries. Use of cloud email — even among highly regulated and sensitive industries — has reached at least 8%.
  • Among publicly listed companies, Microsoft leads overall with about 8.5% using its cloud email, while just under 5% use Google cloud email. Google popularity increases among smaller organizations while Microsoft leads in all segments, and especially so among larger organizations.
  • Microsoft is stronger in all regions, and most industry segments, among public companies. Google is more prevalent in Asia/Pacific as well as in industry segments where there is more competition and less regulation.
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