Benefits of Cloud Computing

What are the potential benefits of Cloud Computing?


Globally distributed. Fully connected.

Office 365 Cloud Computing is available out of multi data centers in the US, Asia, and Europe, integrated by a high-performance private network. Deploy cloud instances in Singapore, dedicated servers in US, Europe etc. With no back-end network charges or additional connectivity products to buy.

Why should you consider Cloud Computing? Some Cloud Computing Benefits?

Here we list out TEN advantages or benefits on cloud computing:

  1. Secure Storage / Management
    • Assurance of service provider
    • Secured premises
  2. High-Level Computing
    • Cloud computing levels higher than traditional on premises server solution
      • Technical competency of in house computing support personnel
      • Lesser costs of training
      • Up to date technology by vendor. Example: Microsoft
  3. Low Total Cost of Ownership
    • No physical server is required even for sophisticated systems
  4. Utility-based, Time Sharing Models
    • Flexible choice of applications to use, either subscribe in part or in full
  5. Pay as you use
  6. Virtualized & Dynamic
    • New versions are automatically updated and tested fully at cloud service provider
  7. Agile Deployment
  8. 24/7 Support
    • Service provider give ample support to end users
  9. Scalability / Sustainability
    • If the number of users increases, business just pay for the additional subscriptions
  10. Location-Independent
    • Do not need to worry about physical server


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